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Poly-Modular is a trading name of ModularWise Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of off-site-constructed modular buildings. From its base in Herefordshire, the company has led the way in designing, manufacturing and installing buildings to suit a variety of applications for commercial and residential markets. 


Decades of Experience

Established in 1990, we began with the design of bespoke, luxury mobile loos, which we continue to supply for public or private events – from rock concerts through to Royal garden parties.

Building on this experience, ModularWise Ltd has expanded its off-site operations to include the design and off-site-construction of permanent buildings in a dedicated assembly line at our factory based in Shobdon, Herefordshire.

This new facility is at the heart of our company’s wide choice of modular buildings. Each one reflects the best in light-gauge, steel-frame design. Each building exceeds the current regulations for sound and thermal insulation and reflects our meticulous quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process.premier-manufacturing-off-site-construction-315

Our clients have discovered the benefits of off-site, modular construction, which include lower costs and significantly-reduced time on site when compared with conventional, site-based construction methods.

Poly-Modular is a product that perfectly complements ModularWise’s other business activities and provides an affordable solution for a wide variety of applications. Find out more... 


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