Outer and inner surfaces of the panels of Poly-Modular pods are manufactured from off-white-coloured gel-coat material that is resistant against solar radiation of +60°C and -50°C. Outer and inner panels are resistant to atmospheric conditions and have anti-corrosive properties. Being washable, stainless, rot proof  and easy to clean, the cabins have low maintenance requirements. 

Materials Specifications

Snow load: 

80 Kg/m2  

Polyurethane foam (PUR):


Wind speed:  

102 Km/hour

Chassis load capacity:  

200 Kg/m2

Outer wall:  

Mould System  

Cabin Manufacturing System  

Being manufactured from fibre glass reinforced polyester material as double-walled polyurethane sandwich panel.

Outer Surface Coating  

Special gel-coat polyester and off-white colour isophtalic acrylic based is used. 

Anti-corrosive, washable and incorruptible.

Inner Surface Coating

Special gelcoat polyester and off-white colour Isophtalic Acrylic based is used. Anti-corrosive, washable and incorruptible.

Wall Insulation  

42 density Polyurethane foam (PUR) is injected by using a 140-bar machine. Wall panel thickness is 35mm.

Inner Wall System  

Being manufactured with carcass by means of special-shaped profiles.

Inner Surface Coating  

Double-faced and 10 mm thickness PVC wainscot is used.

Roof system  

Being manufactured from fibre glass reinforced polyester material as double-walled sandwich panel. After being screwed down and mounted by using antibacterial neutral silicon, it has an hygienic view with modular structure together with protection against water, snow, and dust.

Roof Insulation  

Polyurethane foam is injected

Exterior  Door

White-coloured PVC door. Dimension is 715mm x 1,845mm and 4 mm thickness door glass is used. For WC and Shower cabins, a white-coloured aluminium door is used. 


Windows consist of aluminium frames painted with electro-static powder and white colour.

Safety glass  

4 mm thick tempered automotive glass is used. 

Electric installation fittings  

British standard.


Galvanised pallet base. 



• Blinds

• Recirculating toilet system

• Waste tank

• Fresh water tank

• Music

• Sensor taps

• Wrapped exterior or interior to your own design

• Air conditioning



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